About us

When we started back in 1994, you could count the model aircraft kits on the fingers of one hand, computer radios to fly them were rare and expensive, there were almost no RC cars, helicopters were flown by a handful of ace hobbyists and not even the biggest sci-fi ethusiasts dreamt about most of todays common "toys".

Now we offer hundreds of model aircraft in different shapes and sizes, from half-meter building kits to six-meter giant ARF kits, a range of RC cars from palm sized models to performance machines with 26 ccm gasoline engines, helicopters you can fly in your living room, as well as aerobatic specials or scale models with a  rotor two meters wide in diameter, dozens of ship models – both engine powered and ones for sailing, tanks, construction machinery, multicopters controlled by complex computer systems with gyroscopes and accelerometers, able to carry a camera and follow predefined paths, a countless number of radios, servos, model aircraft electronics, batteries, two and four stroke engines, building materials – from balsa sheets and spruce strips to carbon fiber tubes and rods, fuels, paints, glues...

In a nutshell – it was never as easy and fun to start with this hobby as it is today.

Range of PELIKAN DANIEL goods can be found in every hobby store.


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